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Laugh and Learn!

Join the growing list of families enjoying these fun and educational tools to review the weekly Torah portion. Subscribers will receive the weekly poem and questions via email every week. We'd love to have you join!

Weekly Services:

“We love the weekly parsha questions. My kids look forward to it every week and make sure to remind me to print it....It's one of the highlights of our Shabbos table and gets everyone into good spirits.” 

—  Shmuel, Johannesburg, South Africa

Parshah Poem

A fun and pleasant way to cover the weekly Parshah at your Shabbos table. Virtually every story, Mitzvah and detail of the Parshah is presented in this eminently readable, rhyming format. Have one of the kids read it for the table, and for added fun, try guessing the next rhyme!

Parsha Poems

Silly Parshah Questions

This wildly popular table activity has had
families everywhere smiling and laughing together around the Shabbos table. The questions are presented in multiple-choice format, with one of the choices the correct answer and the others the silliest answers imaginable. The Silly Parshah Questions have caused children (and parents!) to look forward to reading about the Parshah every Friday night.

Parsha Questions
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